Dr.George Owusu

MD, Internal Medicne Board Certified

An internal medicine doctor focuses on comprehensive adult health care
Dr.George Owusu

Internal Medicine

As an Internist, Dr. George Owusu is skilled and knowledgeable of all medical conditions that affect adults. Through the years, working at medical facilities such as Bronx-Lebanon and Montefiore Medical Center, he has treated adults for all their health conditions.


Dr. George Owusu, NY State Board Certified Internist and Attending Physician. His affiliations include the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital and Montefiore Medical Center. As an Internal Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Owusu is adept at dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. He is especially skilled in the management of patients who have multi-system diseases. These skills include diagnosing disorders of the heart, brain, kidney, infectious diseases, pain management, etc.